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Kansas Patients and Providers Engaged in Prevention Research - known as KPPEPR - is a practice-based research network (PBRN). Traditional PBRNs are composed of a group of clinics or practices working together to solve problems of healthcare delivery in their communities.

KPPEPR works to forge partnerships between clinicians, patients, public health professionals, community organizations, and academic researchers. All partners participate actively in the development, planning, implementation, and dissemination of relevant research. Although the findings of KPPEPR research will have broad application, special attention is given to projects that concentrate on populations and patients in rural and underserved communities.  

The KPPEPR team believes that questions of real-world validity should include active participation of patients and families in all phases of research projects. In fact, KPPEPR is one of the first such networks in the nation to build research partnerships between clinicians, patients, public health professionals, and academic researchers. 

"Collaboration is the key to transforming healthcare. 
KPPEPR's inter-professional approach has put Kansas on the map as a leader in practice-based research."  

Allen Greiner, MD, MPH
KPPEPR Medical Director

KPPEPR Network Structure




KPPEPR Brochure

To learn more about KPPEPR, contact:

Ellie Brent, MPH
KPPEPR Network Manager

Last modified: Apr 28, 2020