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Our current clinical research partners include Ascension Via Christi, Pittsburg; Freeman Health System; HaysMed; LMH Health; North Kansas City Hospital; Olathe Health; Salina Regional Health Center; and University Health.

Learn more about the membership features and benefits for our clinical research partners.

  • Second opinion and consultation services via Tele-Oncology for member physicians
  • Detailed information on investigator-initiated prevention, screening, early detection, and therapeutic clinical trials conducted at the University of Kansas Cancer Center (web search engine)
  • Member networking events and conferences
  • Outreach programs for screening, prevention, early detection
  • Access to MCA members-only web resources
  • Continuing medical and nursing education credits
  • Participation on alliance committees
  • Ongoing promotion of Alliance members through MCA's website, marketing materials, and press releases

Includes Community Partner member features listed above plus:

  • Enroll patients at member site for selected multi-site investigator-initiated prevention, screening, early detection, and therapeutic clinical trials
  • Access to Network Institutional Review Board (IRB) services and the Velos-based comprehensive clinical trials management software system for MCA-sponsored clinical trials
  • Usage of MCA Clinical Research Partner brand
  • Annual membership fees paid
  • Access to TeleHealth/ITV network (costs to implement ITV system are in addition to annual membership fee)
  • Data submission: Cancer incidence and mortality and outreach program attendance
  • Co-host on-site MCA events

Includes Community Partner member requirements listed above plus:

  • Staffing: Dedicated program administrator; oncology trained nurse and back-up; oncologist with on-site presence a minimum of every 3 months
  • Chemotherapy administration
  • Utilize KU's Clinical Research Information Service (CRIS) software for MCA-sponsored clinical trials
  • Waive to MCA Network Institutional Review Board (IRB) for MCA-sponsored clinical trials
  • Oncologists participating in clinical trials must have active Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) and Clinical Trials Support Unit (CTSU) memberships or complete eligibility requirements to gain membership
  • Complete periodic site visits