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Major Clinical Research Partners

In addition to MCA's Community partner benefits, the Major Clinic Research Partners receive staffing, chemotherapy administration, use of CRIS software and complete periodic site visits.

map of MCA Major Clinical Research PartnersIn addition to our home base in Kansas City, our second major clinic partner is located at the St. Francis campus of the University of Kansas Health System in Topeka, Kan.

The University of Kansas Health System, St. Francis


  • Second opinion and consultation services via Tele-Oncology for member physicians
  • Detailed information on investigator-initiated prevention, screening, early detection, and therapeutic clinical trials conducted at the University of Kansas Cancer Center (web search engine)
  • Member networking events and conferences
  • Outreach programs for screening, prevention, early detection
  • Access to MCA members-only web resources
  • Continuing medical and nursing education credits
  • Participation on Alliance committees
  • Ongoing promotion of Alliance members through MCA's website, marketing materials and press releases

Includes Community Partner member features listed above PLUS:

  • Enroll patients at member site for selected multi-site investigator-initiated prevention, screening, early detection, and therapeutic clinical trials
  • Access to Network Institutional Review Board (IRB) services and the Velos-based comprehensive clinical trials management software system for MCA-sponsored clinical trials
  • Participation in The University of Kansas Cancer Center translational research protocols
  • Opportunity to participate in The University of Kansas Cancer Center Disease Working Groups
  • Usage of MCA Clinical Research Partner brand


  • Annual membership fees paid
  • Access to TeleHealth/ITV network (costs to implement ITV system are in addition to annual membership fee)
  • Data submission: Cancer incidence and mortality and outreach program attendance
  • Co-host on-site MCA events

Includes Community Partner member requirements listed above plus:

  • Staffing: Dedicated program administrator; oncology trained nurse and back-up; oncologist with on-site presence a minimum of every 3 months
  • Chemotherapy administration
  • Utilize KU's Clinical Research Information Service (CRIS) software for MCA-sponsored clinical trials
  • Waive to MCA Network Institutional Review Board (IRB) for MCA-sponsored clinical trials
  • Oncologists participating in clinical trials must have active Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) and Clinical Trials Support Unit (CTSU) memberships or complete eligibility requirements to gain membership
  • Complete periodic site visits