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The University of Kansas Health System, St. Francis campus

Learn about The University of Kansas Health System (St. Francis campus) and their role as a major clinical research partner of MCA.

The University of Kansas Health System St. Francis campusEquipped with the latest technology and staffed with experienced, caring professionals, The University of Kansas Health System St Francis Campus Comprehensive Cancer Center treats the whole person -- emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually -- in a positive, nurturing atmosphere.

The first health center in the Topeka service area certified as a Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Program by the American College of Surgeons in 1983, our certified Cancer Center is the premier facility for cancer treatment in the region, providing a full range of cancer care services, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

The Comprehensive Cancer Center has been on the forefront of cancer care for more than 30 years. In 2008 came our latest addition, the TomoTherapy Hi-Art radiation treatment system, which makes full use of recent, key advances in computing, diagnostic imaging and treatment delivery technologies. It looks like a CT scanner because it is a CT scanner that allows medical professionals to acquire three-dimensional images of the body and the tumor.

Treatment can be adjusted to changes in the body and in the location, size and shape of the tumor before each dose is administered. In 2010, we began using new VelocityAI software for the TomoTherapy Hi-Art radiation treatment system, which creates therapy plans faster and provides new ways to adapt and assess the effectiveness of therapy.

The Cancer Center also has a PET/CT. PET/CT scans can show doctors whether radiation or chemotherapy treatments are working or whether they need to be changed to be more effective in fighting cancer. One such treatment method is Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), an innovative, non-invasive therapy used to treat cancer in the prostate, chest, shoulder, head, neck, abdomen and stomach.

The Cancer Center also employs the city of Topeka's first nurse practitioner in oncology, who works collaboratively with oncologists to carry out each patient's plan of care. The center also has Topeka's first on-site licensed pharmacist board certified in oncology to ensure patients receive up-to-date protocols and treatments.

A nurse-patient navigator is available on-site to help cancer patients understand and navigate their way through treatment. The center's social worker provides additional services including answering patients' questions about insurance coverage, assisting with Social Security Disability and employee disability assistance and referring patients to appropriate community resources.

The Cancer Center also offers free valet parking and wheelchair assistance to patients Monday through Friday at Entry B. Cancer patients can also join our weekly free art class so they can enjoy the camaraderie of others coping with a cancer diagnosis. Many support groups are also offered for cancer patients and their families.

University of Kansas Health System - St. Francis Campus
1700 SW 7th Street
Topeka, KS 66606-1690