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About the MCA Partners Advisory Board


Purpose: To assist with the pursuit of expanding The University of Kansas Cancer Center's National Cancer Institute designation to a Comprehensive Cancer Center by demonstrating research and education collaboration among key hospitals and research institutions for the benefit of the region.


  • Provide input for the strategic planning for The University of Kansas Cancer Center's efforts to expand its NCI-designation to a Comprehensive Cancer Center.
  • Provide input on research programs leveraging regional strengths
  • Assist with, and offer advice on, philanthropic plans in support of the University of Kansas Cancer Center
  • Evaluate potential joint strategic investments of a scale that require collaboration (example: Proton Beam Therapy).


The MCA Partners Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Director of The University of Kansas Cancer Center and the Chief Executive Officer of the Masonic Cancer Alliance. The MCA Partners Advisory Board member institutions each have representation on the Partners Advisory Board. The board is chaired by Robba Moran, attorney and member of the Kansas Board of Regents.  Each member serves as an equal partner with rights and responsibilities regarding research, education, philanthropy and community benefit.

Last modified: Oct 14, 2019