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Benefits of Membership


  • Increases access to innovative clinical trials
  • Enhances network of research and clinical oncologists
  • Increases access to consultative services and second opinions
  • Provides latest evidence-based guidelines
  • Provides continuing medical education opportunities


  • Increases visibility and recognition as a center doing research
  • Supports market share growth by retaining patients in the community
  • Enhances ability to recruit and retain outstanding cancer physicians, nurses, and support staff
  • Provides access to network IRB and reduces administrative burden for clinical trials


  • Enhances network of cancer care professionals working together
  • Increases access to comprehensive cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis and care information and resources
  • Provides the latest information on cancer care
  • Improves the usage of regional cancer data
  • Increases opportunities to expand knowledge base
  • Provides continuing professional education opportunities


  • Advances comprehensive treatment locally
  • Offers multidisciplinary care for every diagnosis
  • Enables immediate state-of-the-art care to patients for whom standard therapy has failed
  • Improves access to cancer screening and prevention


  • Helps attract and retain top oncology-trained talent in rural areas
  • Reduces the "brain drain" of talented medical professionals from Kansas
  • Creates and maintains jobs
  • Spurs related economic development

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Last modified: Oct 14, 2019