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PIVOT Creations


Patients, families, and caregivers partnering with researchers from
The University of Kansas Cancer Center
to re‐define cancer research.

PIVOT Creations contains educational videos, materials, and resources
for advocates and researchers created by PIVOT.

PIVOT YouTube Channel

The PIVOT Advocate and Researcher Working Together Toolkit, adapted with permission from Susan G. Komen's Advocates in Science, includes:

  • Building Advocate-Researcher Relationships to Strengthen Research
  • Guidelines for Advocate Involvement in Research
  • Patient Advocate Involvement Plan: Suggestions for Researchers
  • Writing a Lay Abstract
  • Resources for Advocates and Researchers 
  • Patient Advocate Letter of Support/Commitment
  • Patient Advocate Bio Template and Examples
  • Frontiers Principles of Partnership Self-Assessment Tool 
  • PCORI Engagement Rubric for Applicants
  • Komen's "The Call to ARMs: Advocates, Researchers, Mentors" Webinar

What Is It like to Be a Patient Research Advocate?

Pivot Video

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Last modified: Apr 24, 2020