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What is Research Advocacy?

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Patients, families, and caregivers partnering with researchers from
The University of Kansas Cancer Center
to re‐define cancer research.

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Research Advocacy 101 features brief videos on the following topics:

Introduction to Video Series  
History of Advocacy
How Advocates Benefit Cancer Research at NCI
Human Faces of Cancer at NCI
Research Advocates Improve Cancer Care at NCI 
Roles of Research Advocates at NCI 
Research Advocates at NCI
How to Become a Research Advocate at NCI

The Cancer Information and Support Network (CISN) provides brief discussions of key points about advocacy and research advocacy beyond NCI:

• Types of Patient Research Advocacy 
What Is Research Advocacy? Why Is It Important? Who Are Research Advocates? 
Types of Research and How Advocates Can Benefit Them 
Important Advocate Issues in Drug Development 
Successful Advocate Involvement in Research Projects 
Advocate Review of Scientific Grant Applications 
Becoming a Research Advocate 
Training in Research Advocacy

Involving Advocates in Cancer Research

The University of Kansas Cancer Center Bench To Bedside: Research Advocate Partnerships (21.5-minute video

Learn the benefits of research/advocate partnerships and how engaging research advocates helps inform and shape cancer research to optimally reflect what is important to patients. 

Want to Learn More About Research Advocacy?
Click here for more resources that can enhance your understanding of research advocacy, research, and cancer.

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Last modified: Apr 24, 2020