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What is PIVOT?

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Patients, families, and caregivers partnering with researchers from 
The University of Kansas Cancer Center 
to re‐define cancer research.

"PIVOT is one of the few cancer center patient advocacy programs in the country to offer cancer survivors and co-survivors the opportunity to partner with cancer researchers and share ideas that may help the researchers develop treatments that better meet patient needs and improve quality of life."

Cheryl Jernigan 
Breast Cancer Survivor and Lead PIVOT Research Advocate

Patients, families, caregivers, and researchers accelerating innovative approaches to re-define cancer research together!

To advocate for cancer research relevant to patients by:

a. Including patients' voices, lived-experiences and perspectives in every step of the decision-making process to inform all aspects of research; 

b. Promoting meaningful partnerships, shared understanding and ongoing communications among patients, families, caregivers, and researchers across the spectrum of cancer research;

c. Collaboratively developing education and training among patients, families, caregivers, and researchers. The goals are to gain exposure to other perspectives, promote personal growth and increase capacity to enhance the KU Cancer Center and the cancer research community.

Last modified: Apr 24, 2020